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*A treatment plan is established in order to begin a relationship towards healing.*


Neuromuscular Therapy: A method of isolating a specific muscle group with concentration on pain referral areas. The pain referral area can be the cause of the pain but not necessarily the location of the pain.

Bar Therapy: While standing on the massage table, the therapist uses her feet to compress and relax the large muscle groups.

Spot Treatment Techniques: Isolated muscle groups are worked on - TMJ, Carpal Tunnel, Migraine Headaches, Sciatica, Plantar Fasciitis, Numbness/Tingling.

The Golfers Edge Treatment:  A newly specialized treatment designed for golfers. Focusing on creating a bigger neck and shoulder turn, increased hip and back flexibility which results in more powerful torque and higher finish. 

Non Massage Techniques

Life Energy Balance: A method of uncovering the original thought causing the physical symptom.

Muscle Response Testing (MRT): A method of communicating with the subconscious by receiving positive or negative responses from the muscle to test for imbalances.





30 Minute Session    $50

60 Minute Session    $90

90 Minute Session    $130

120 Minute Session $175

TMJ Treatment $75

Prenatal Massage $90

Golfers Edge Treatment $90



 Packages available

60 Minute Package    $425

90 Minute Package    $600

120 Minute Package $800

Golfers Edge Package $425


Other services available


Pain relief products


All credit cards, Health Savings Accounts, and FlexPay are accepted.


     Appointments are required.  Please give at least an 8 hour cancelation notice to avoid being charged for your session.

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